What is Pear Deck?

PearDeck is an ed-tech platform designed to help teachers create interactive slideshows and presentations for students with the help of Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

The platform aims to make learning fun for students with the use of many interactive learning methods and tools. Also known as Joinpd.

How Does PearDeck Work?

PearDeck helps you add intractability to your regular Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations by integrating it with multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, draggable images, and other types of interactive content.

Here’s how a PearDeck is created and used by teachers:

  • First, the teacher needs to create a presentation or slideshow on Google Sheets or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Then they can make the presentation interactable with the help of PearDeck tools.
  • Once the lesson is ready to play. Teachers need to share the lesson with their students using a code.
  • Students can join the lesson using the unique code or link shared by the teacher.
  • Once the students finish interacting with the lesson, teachers get real-time data and insights on how each one of their students performed during the lesson.

Benefits Of PearDeck 

PearDeck is said to have various benefits for both teachers and students.

While PearDeck overall is a great learning platform, here is a list of benefits that the platform is known to have.

For Teachers 

  • PearDeck helps teachers save time in creating interactive presentations thanks to the many add-ons and tools available on the platform.
  • Using the platform, teachers can edit and modify many available pre-made templates and question types.
  • It helps teachers with real-time assessment of how each of their students is doing with their learning.
  • The platform helps teachers maintain student interest and engagement with the help of interactive lessons.
  • With the help of an integrated assessment program on PearDeck, teachers can identify gaps and monitor the progress of each student. These critical insights can be used to bring the best out of students.

For Students 

  • PearDeck is a virtual platform that helps students access distance learning at all times.
  • Unlike in a traditional classroom, PearDeck facilitates inclusive participation where all students get to interact and answer.
  • The platform claims that learning using the interactive models on PearDeck is much more effective than traditional modes of learning.
  • Pear Deck eliminates unnecessary pressure by allowing students to respond to questions at their own pace and level, catering to different learning styles and needs.
  • Through the platform, students get immediate feedback on their answers which helps them identify their mistakes and topics on which they need to work on.

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