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Are you a teacher trying to understand how you can use the Pear Deck platform to create a virtual classroom that will facilitate an effective distance-learning environment?

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In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information on using Pear Deck’s tools for online teaching.

Post-pandemic, online education has become a familiar thing in every home.

This digital era also came with its own challenges for teachers and students across the globe.

But on a positive note, ed tech platforms have come up with teaching and learning methods that help create an effective virtual classroom experience.

Tips to Create an Effective Distance Learning Environment Using Pear Deck

Pear Deck can be used to facilitate remote education. Here are some real helpful situations:

1. Interactive Lessons

Unlike a traditional classroom setup, where you can hold the student’s attention for most time, doing the same in an online virtual class can be a challenging task.

This is where you can use PearDeck to integrate interactive elements into your lessons that keep your students engaged and interested.

PearDeck has tons of multimedia content that you can use. You can go through the PearDeck library to find the material that suits your teaching style and the subject.

You can find tons of videos, images, and audio clips related to your topic that can be added to your presentation.

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2. Personalised Learning 

One upside of online learning is that it facilitates a personalized learning path for each student.

Use PearDeck’s assessment tools to find gaps and areas that need improvement in each of your student’s learning paths. You can recommend your students to go through some additional lessons on PearDeck which can help them improve.

Going a step further, you can also create tailor-made lessons for specific students who may need extra care.

PearDeck allows you to cater to each of your student’s personal needs and abilities.

It also helps you keep track of their progress with the help of automated grading and instant feedback.

3. Gamification

Using PearDeck, you can create interactive games that teach your students valuable lessons while they have fun.

Gamification of lessons is considered a great teaching method as it is known to have a great impact on student’s motivation and interest levels.

Learning this way is known to have great memorization benefits.

Many games on PearDeck such as quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, drawing, and puzzles can be conducted in a competitive way where students compete against each other to win points or the top place on the leaderboard.

This way of competitive learning can help build confidence and improve retention among students.

4. Assign Daily Tasks and Exercises

On PearDeck, you can assign tasks such as daily assignments and projects to your students.

For example, you can assign homework to your students where they to interact with a lesson on PearDeck to complete the task. You can even reward them with points for completing their task.

This way of assigning tasks will promote constant learning among students especially when you can’t be with them physically for a long time like in a classroom setting.

Rewarding them with points or appreciation will provide them with instant gratification that will motivate them to keep learning.

It also provides you with the flexibility of letting students learn on their own at their own pace while you can take a break or focus on other needs.

Using PearDeck will facilitate asynchronous learning where you don’t have to be physically interacting with your students to make them learn.

5. Stay Updated 

PearDeck is known to evolve on a daily basis with new features and teaching methods launching every now and then.

So being a teacher who wants to provide the best learning experience to your students, one needs to explore new features and stay updated about any new teaching methods.

PearDeck has an inbuilt training page explaining all its features. You can attend workshops and training sessions to improve your knowledge of the capabilities of any ed-tech platform.

You can go through YouTube videos created by individual teaching experts that explain how to maximize the usage of each teaching method.


PearDeck is one such platform that is appreciated for its capabilities to turn a boring online class into a fun learning experience.

We thought we would introduce you to how it can be used to build an efficient and effective learning environment.

These are just some of the methods. We recommend you to keep exploring.

We understand that every teacher wants to unlock their full potential and use every possible tool to deliver optimal learning experiences to their students. And this article was an attempt to help you do that. We hope you have learned something new today. Thank you for reading.

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